In our efforts to maximize participation by GSRs and DCMs representing groups and districts in Queens County and also to encourage the participation of County Standing and Ad Hoc Committee Chairpersons at SENY Area Assemblies; Queens County maintains the following transportation expense reimbursement policy for carpools traveling to and from SENY Area Assemblies.

Queens County will reimburse carpools (cars traveling with 3 or more participants in the Queens County General Service Assembly) in the amount of .40 cents per mile traveled plus tolls paid to and from Area Assemblies of South Eastern New York Area Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous (Area 49). Those who provide the car shall submit the transportation reimbursement form and obtain reimbursement.

In order to avoid any potential depletion of the county treasury, the Queens County General Service Assembly will maintain a budget line for Transportation Expense to be approved by the body with the annual budget. Should that budget line be expended prior to the end of the budget year, travel expenses will be suspended and the body will be notified of the suspension until such time as the Queens County General Service Assembly allows for an increase to the Transportation Expense budget.

It is suggested that anyone seeking reimbursement from the Queens County treasury first request reimbursement from your respective group or groups that are represented in the car. Additionally, mileage and tolls will not be reimbursed for travel to events in Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan because these areas are easily accessible by public transportation.